Controversial Star Wars Quotes

Here are a few quotes from Star Wars that have been on my mind for a while.  I would love to hear if you disagree with any of my breakdowns, or if you have any other Star Wars quotes that keep you thinking long after the credits roll!  Comment below!


  1. “Only a Sith deals in absolutes” –Obi-Wan Kenobi


The Sith aren’t the only ones who deal in absolutes.  So do the Jedi.  They view the world with a similarly extreme perspective that divides the force into either the light side or the dark side.

If the Jedi hold a Manichean view of the world, does this not unbalance the force?  Shouldn’t a true force-wielder understand the need for both the light and dark side?

This is why the Bendu in the Star Wars Rebels tv show fascinates me so much.  The Bendu, a Force-sensitive individual, lies in the center of the force (mixing the two like a balanced ying-yang symbol).  If you are a Jedi, you are an extremist who hunts out the dark side in order to extinguish it, just as the Sith are extremists trying to snuff out the light.  A true Force-wielder, a Grey Jedi, walks a balance between the two and understands that both sides must be respected.  The Force is a single entity, comprised of both light and dark, and it is misused by extremists like the Sith who many call evil or the Jedi who wage wars in the Force’s name.


  1. “I don’t seem to remember ever owning a droid” –Old Ben


R2D2 was never the property of Obi-Wan Kenobi but rather started out working for Padmé.  After R2 saved the day, he goes into the care of Anakin.  Anakin flies with him at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith, and searches for him desperately after R2D2 gets blown to pieces after saving the day in an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars during the Carida incident.  Anakin rebuilds him, refusing to let the droid go.  This shows the deep connection between Anakin and R2D2.

This not only means that R2D2 didn’t belong to Obi-Wan at any point (especially since Jedi weren’t allowed to have possessions), but that he also represents the bond between Padmé and Anakin that eventually led to the birth of Darth Vader

R2 represents this union (a union that eventually led to Anakin’s “death”) and also signifies the beginning of Anakin’s path to the dark side.  This droid was the property of Anakin, Old Ben knows this, so he realizes that R2D2’s claim to being owned by an Obi-Wan Kenobi are subterfuge.  He is guarded in this moment, not sure whether R2D2’s claims are a plot of Vader’s or perhaps something different entirely.  This quote feels more like playful banter as if Old Ben is actually saying “What’re you up to, old friend?”

R2D2 is very smart, and also isn’t afraid to lie in order to attain his goal, so his claims at having a former master named Obi-Wan Kenobi and the fact that his restraining bolt has short-circuited his recording system are all part of his plan to deliver his secret message to no one but Old Ben.  Of course Old Ben recognizes him, he even knows where to pat R2D2 to begin playing Leia’s message!  Him saying “I don’t seem to remember ever owning a droid” is easier than saying “Luke, your father owned this droid after he inherited it from his secret lover” and thus this recognition of R2D2 sparks his decision on how to tell Luke his own version of history in the next scene.


If anything, you could argue that Obi-Wan did, in fact, own a droid and that was the atstromech droid known as R4-P17.  I would disagree.  R4 and Obi-Wan only team up when they are flying, since “flying is for droids”.  Obi-Wan hates flying and only does it when it’s absolutely necessary.  He didn’t consider R4 as his own property but simply as a means to an end.  Originally, Obi-Wan’s ship, the Delta-7, had a built in astromech attached to the side (with no body), and therefore Obi-Wan views R4 as a piece of the ship rather than an individual droid.


  1. “I don’t like sand” –Anakin Skywalker


Anakin hates sand, but why does he hate sand?

Tatooine is covered in sand, the planet of Anakin’s childhood.  Sand reminds him of a time when he was a boy.  When he was a slave.  So, sand evokes memories of him and his mother being owned by a Toydarian junk dealer.  Not the best connotations.

Also, he mentions this dislike of sand very shortly before finding his mother, Shmi, murdered by Sand People. Instead of simply whining about how coarse and rough sand is, perhaps Anakin is having a premonition about the fate of his mother.

This quote may sound superficial, but I believe it is a moment where Anakin remembers the pain of his childhood and foresees the future death of his mother through the force.  These past and future emotions are boiling inside of him, and in an attempt to confide in Padmé his feelings of pain about being raised a slave, watching his mother live as a slave even after he got to go free, and the premonition of his mother’s death by Sand People all of his emotion gets focused into a much easier phrase to confess.  It is much easier for Anakin to say “I hate sand because it’s irritating” than it is to say “sand reminds me of slavery and death”.


I know these quotes have caused both debates and confusion among fans, so please let me know your thoughts on them in the comments!



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